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From time to time we'll be adding thoughts and comments on our industry, work and news from the worlds of  marketing and design.




Physical brand communication

We've been helping out on an exciting project for a new drinks manufacturer on their innovative product called Zeo. It's available in some of London's most exciting bars and we've assisted with the conception, design and production of a range of accessories to help this drink make a real impact with a sophisticated and marketing savvy audience.

We did a little photoshoot of our own last week - strictly amateur stuff and thought we'd share some of the results:

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Internal wood panelling, back on trend?

The mere mention of interior wood panelling is generally sufficient to conjure nightmarish visions of 70’s yellow pine walls and ceilings, Swedish saunas and car key lucky dips. Metsa approached us in December 2011 when they were still known as finnforest with the challenge of bringing the interior wood cladding market up to date.

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Facebook IPO

Over the years we’ve seen all sorts of shifts in social media. It was only a short while ago that every other marketing ‘expert’ was touting their web 2.0 credentials and presenting social media marketing as the answer to every business problem.

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