Animation captivates: it attracts attention and inspires peoples’ imaginations. Good storytelling that conveys powerful ideas can provoke change and create a lasting impact.
Whether you are looking to entertain or inform your audience, our team of animators and 3D motion designers can transform your content into a compelling narrative with unique character.

Imagined together
1. Analyse & guide

How can animation help you move your audience? Any impactful story starts with a conversation about what you are trying to achieve. Animation can provide you with the reach and creative intensity to have a lasting impact on your audience and provoke real change.

We’ll work with you to reveal your business objectives and devise the brief to help us, help you, meet them.

Explored together
2. Investigate & research

We take a script-first approach to animation: written narratives underpin all visual narratives. Working with researchers and copywriters, we decipher the story that you need to tell by distilling your content to its key messages and articulating them in a convincing way.

We take care to read aloud scripts with you as they are conceived, to ensure the right emphasis, tone, and pace to suit your purpose.

Only when the script has been perfected will we turn to storyboarding of the narrative. As a multidisciplinary studio, we’ll use our spectrum of skills from other disciplines – be it illustration, typography or UI/UX – when creating assets for animation to inform how your story is visually communicated in the storyboarding phase and beyond.

Designed together
3. Conceive & create

from offline creative rigor offline to digitisation – technical expertise – exploring possibilities of composition/ transitions/ pacing

Developed together
4. Refine & resolve

Honing the detail – technical expertise

Delivered together
5. Deploy & support

Every outcome a unique creative collaboration with our clients.