London Oriana Choir
Orchestrating a rebrand
London Oriana Choir commissioned us to develop a brand that would properly reflect their amazing group of singers and be versatile enough to support their broad repertoire and rich history.
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Creating a brand during lockdown

A choir with diverse repertoire

The London Oriana Choir is cherished for its versatility amongst singers and audience goers. From Mozart one evening to performing with Madonna at the O2 the next. The identity needed to be daring and dashing in equal measure; able to reflect the mood of a composer as easily as it could play second fiddle when needed.


The story of the brand

The beauty of music is that from the same building blocks can come the most profoundly different sounds, that have the power to make us feel an incredible range of emotions. We knew we wanted to represent this dynamism.
Choral music is very often made up of 4 parts, SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) and each part often has two harmonic lines. We arranged 8 lines in a stave-like pattern and cropped them within 8 segments of an octagon. We then rotate these lines so that no two segments are alike, giving a feeling of variety, movement, and life.
We also wanted to create a mark that immediately represented the choir and audience and something that contained an ‘O’ and a ‘C’ of Oriana Choir, however subtle. Our motion graphics bring the brand and its concept to life.


Updates within limits

Whilst we normally create bespoke sites and content management systems (CMS) for our clients, LOC’s existing off-the-shelf solution had the flexibility to be adapted and aligned with the new branding, and offered a cheaper solution to starting from scratch. It’s not an approach we’d recommend for everyone, so if you’d like advice about your new site contact us at