Mapping the spectator journey
UEFA have big ambitions for EURO 2020 and beyond. We worked in partnership with Revealing Reality to help them better understand and map the spectator journey for their teams, partners and sponsors.
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Enhancing tournament experiences

UEFA came to us with a challenge of creating the ‘wow factor’ to inspire organisational change. They wanted to persuade top-level executives to adopt a spectator-first approach to tournament planning.

In collaboration with researchers Revealing Reality and crossing boundaries of print and digital, we delivered a high-end editorial piece alongside a data platform to immerse UEFA in the spectator’s story.


Creating the ‘wow factor’

With more than a decade of printing experience, when it comes to designing for print we know that it is essential to consider final outcomes from the outset to ensure optimal results on press.

For UEFA we designed a premium hardback book as the ‘wow factor’ that would reflect the weight of the research. This required taking every last detail into account – from the weight and tactility of paper stock, endpapers, binding technique to how considerations of material form impact layout and colour reproduction, folio numbering and placement.


Diligence on brand

We always adhere to brand guidelines in fine detail. UEFA develop a brand for each tournament and our work with them provided an opportunity to cement brand standards for EURO 2020.

Responsive design

Connecting with Connect

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