People often talk about ‘bringing an idea to life’ when discussing animation. But creating an engaging and compelling story is where the value lies. We use motion to enhance your key messages for greater impact. Broadly speaking our work aims to do one of three things: educate, promote or explain.


Lambeth – Kinetic type

Some clients need to explain ideas that are delicate, difficult or simply hard to visualise in a sensitive way. Our team is highly skilled at finding interesting and creative ways to convey complex subject matter that would normally be left untouched.

NHS – Teams explainer

Some animation work we do adds value simply by helping to reach specific audiences who need specific help in a scalable way, reducing the burden on over-resourced teams.

NHS – Digital first

Explaining how something conceptual can work isn’t always enough, we frequently use animation to help teams get internal buy-in to ideas and build energy and excitement across different levels of seniority in large organisations.

Educate and engage

Quanta diagram animation

Quanta – 2d infographics

Some people have long-held aversions to matters crossing into the scientific or mathematical. Our animated infographics are designed to help people learn critical information by making them clear, simple and memorable.

Revealing Reality – Through the looking glass

Animation can help to visualise ethereal concepts or ideas in a way that other types of outputs struggle to do. Because illustration can be a looser form of representation it is arguably better at letting viewers imagine and think about issues in a more creative or exploratory way.


Animation can be a great way of getting people motivated and excited about something new you’ve done or you’re trying to achieve. Versus Arthritis wanted to maximise the exposure of initiatives to a wide range of audiences.

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