Editorial & infographics

We make you stand out. We enhance your message with elegant and engaging design to capture the attention and steer the intentions of your audience

Knowledge exchange and impact at LSE

We worked with Revealing Reality and LSE to design tested comms tools to encourage leading academics to adopt new practices around internal and external knowledge exchange and networking. We work with some of the best printers and finishers in the UK. If you have exacting requirements it’s essential designers work with press handlers to achieve the highest quality result on press

#OnlyHuman (for NHS)

A rapidly developed mental health campaign for key NHS workers. Designed in collaboration with partern research and PR agencies during the first UK covid lockdown. The campaign centered on practical behaviours and tips to promote wellbeing for those working on the front line during the pandemic. A whole host of prompts, messages and collateral supported the campaign rolled out to key trusts

Book design

Alliance publishers commissioned us to design and illustrate their book on Foundations of Philanthropy in Canada

Digital First (for NHS)

NHS England commissioned us to develop a brand, infographics and supporting marketing materials to increase visibility and understanding of the NHS Digital First vision for the future of care.

Other serivces