We solve interesting, complex, real-world problems with bespoke software. Our experienced, on-shore, in-house, permanent and passionate team will design and develop digital business assets and we'll help you build the brief too

Quanta dialysis technologies

Quanta needed a way to scale the reach of their training programme for their revolutionary new haemodialysis device, SC+. We developed an interactive online training course based on a 120 page technical manual and video as source material

Our team got first-hand experience with the device and users in order to create an online teaching experience that replicated in person training as closely as possible for medical professional and lay audiences alike

Learning and testing

Repetition under a variety of conditions and learning techniques helps learners increase information retention, and allowed the business to gather valuable insights and analytics about learning pain points to improve their support


An analytics platform for a nursing-in-the-community application. Design build and integration into an existing web-based application that allowed managers to optimise their services around the immediate and long term needs of users. A common thread in our work is making sense of complex data and delivering it in intuitive educational ways for non-technical audiences

Partnering for success

We often work in partnership with a multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders. We design and build technology to improve processes and inform long-term strategy. We help people harness the power of data driven decision making


Connect is a platform designed around the needs of an innovative research and insight agency. Early adoption and platform integration of 3D footage enabled them to be first to market with immersive engaging content. Its unique features help the team document, digitise, and manage what they do in the real world. This enriches and augments what they are able to deliver for their clients

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